Vision Board Research Paper

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Vision Board Reflection My vision board shows a variety of the different things that I want in life, both tangible and intangible. Some of the things on my vision board are things that I can obtain in the near future with hard-work, but there are also things on my vision board that are long-term goals and will take time to achieve. For each of these my goals, I know that I will have to work hard, stay determined and believe in myself to achieve them. If I continue to do so throughout my life I know I will reach the goals I have set for myself. The tangible items I have on my vision board are things that can be obtained in the near future. Money is something that everyone needs and wants. Without money, it would be hard to live an ideal …show more content…
It’s always been a dream of mine to move to New York City to become a book editor at HarperCollins Publishing Company. This dream is showed on my vision board with pictures of the city and the specific company I’d like to work at. Before pursuing my future career, I’d like to graduate from University of Toronto with an English degree, as shown with the U of T logo. My vision board also shows my dream of travelling with the pictures of different places I’d like to go, and different things I’d like to do when I travel. For example, there’s a picture with the words “Missions Trip.” There has always been a love for missions in my family, and this also applies to me. That is also why I put the Samaritan’s Purse logo (a specific type of missions trip) on my vision board. To achieve all of these goals, I know that I need to have a mindset that tells me that all of things are achievable and in my grasps. I need to believe in myself and know that I have the capability and potential to do anything I want to achieve should I put my mind to it. I know that these goals will become reality if I put in the necessary hard work now and stay determined until I get to where I want to be. If I stay determined and really believe that my future goals will become my future reality, then it will