A Personal Reflection of the Visual Learner Essay

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A Personal Reflection of the Visual Learner: Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper.

Vivian Hamilton
August 16, 2014
Professor: Jon Vernon

Personal Learning Style “Vision is the art of seeing the invisible” quoted by Johnathan Swift. I am a visual thinker. This learning style is personal to me because not only do I process given information visually I perceive everything as a visual learner. The ability to gain knowledge from information that is observed and not “read” in the conventional sense is defined as visual literacy (Wood, Stover, Pilonieta, & Taylor, 2012).A visual learner is defined as someone who views concepts, data, and other information through visual images or models. A visual learner has a very unique
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The most improvement strategy that needs to be implemented is on a professional level. As an educator I have a big responsibility of cultivating the youth of tomorrow thus my improvement plan needs to be aligned with my professional plan. Strategies that must be implemented in order to meet the needs of my students is to first have a since of awareness. Often times I facilitate every lesson that is suitable for a visual learner because that is my personal learning style. Not being aware that there are auditory and kinesthetic learners who are wanting to be engaged in the same lesson leaves them little room for succeeding. The strategy that I will implement/ improve in the classroom is differentiated instruction. According to Professor Jennifer Laurie differentiated instruction seeks to maximize each student’s growth by recognizing that students have different ways of learning, different interests, different ways of responding to instruction, and preferred ways of learning or expressing themselves (Lauria, 2010). Once this strategy is implemented daily I can assure that student engagement and student growth will increase. It is essential to return the focus to teaching students and helping them become successful learners. A personal improvement strategy that I wish to implement as a visual learner is setting attainable goals and sticking to them. As a visual learner think with the