Essay about Voting and Election

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If you don't vote, you're putting control of your world into the hands of someone else…and you have no idea where those hands have been. An election is an event in which one or more people make a choice, such as selecting representatives. Some people say election is un fair because around the time of the presidential vote, you will fund political cartoons and comic strips voicing out that, "your vote does not count, so there is no point in voting when it is likely that our candidate will not win." The electoral vote is supposed to be more educated about the candidates than we are. I should care about the election because my vote can change the world.

Whats the point of votting ,all conguess do is take my taxes and give them to welfare and foreign aid.
Politicians are all liars - they're corporate shills corrupted by greed and legal bribery. But the reason why the congruess keep taking our money is because we have been out voted. Maybe if more people start caring about election and vote than maybe we be paying less on taxes. Plus the money is for a good cause like building libraries and schools for our kids' education, playgrounds, swimming pools, lakes, softball fields, basketball and tennis courts.
An election need not have more than one voter. For example, during a slow time of the day, there may be only one customer at a mall exercising choice among different vendors. It is still an event that could be considered a free and fair election