Walt Disney Research Paper

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A Role Model for Young People
Walt Disney is a legend, one of the greatest innovative and gifted people who have ever lived. I grew up watching his animated films; particularly, Cinderella, Mickie Mouse, and Alice in wonderland were my favorites. Disney brought children from all around the world closer teaching them to believe in magic. He demonstrated that imagination is infinite, and there is nothing impossible in this world. Walt Disney makes the ideal role model for young people because of his optimism, persistence, and self-made success.
One of the most outstanding features of Walt Disney was his optimism. Since his early years he dreamt with a world that no one had dreamed before. His creative mind took him to places where imagination beats reality, and he invited people to experience and be part of his world. However, his plans did not always work out stupendously for him; Disney chose to direct his attention to the favorable sides of events and to
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He did not care how difficult it was going to be or how many people were against him; Disney was sure he was going to innovate the world, and he was not stopping until then. At a specific point in his life he thought about starting to produce full-length animated films, and many people thought it was not possible. Often, the same people told Disney that his crazy ideas would get nowhere, but he did not let any negative thought stop him from achieving the impossible and proved all those people wrong. Nevertheless, Walt Disney knew he had a long way to go. His business went through bankruptcy twice, and he was robbed by his own employees. Disney’s hard work and persistence conceived the foundation of Walt Disney Production, one of the best well-known production companies in the world. Once again, Disney’s actions show to young people that everything can be done with hard work, patience and