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I'm in love wow' the candles smoking up wax is dripping making shapes like love hearts'
I guess now this is where the journey starts where there is a girl a boy lighting bulbs, with lowering electrifying currents his dark caramel eyes, her white Cupid smile
I guess this is where we torch fireflies making bonds like never before tasting buds like forever, I won't let go the mirrors on show, reflective on us both artists, paint images while, poets they write how nice, written romance so full of ice colored in colors like so red, so black & white hovering heats at the same time she's quietly discreet exchanging vowel underneath the soft palm trees
I guess now this is where the journey follows - a man, a woman swinging on sparrows making love nests bound in love like flying turtle doves she kisses his breath, what a sweet hallow chained to her, is her beloved arrow which points to the' her eyes they dim, they say, crying to the bounty of Ray deep inside he hides inside those eyes that won't complain like the train of compassion departed today' he' be like a prisoner in her arms controlled by her he'd drown beneath flowers on and on he'd stay there for hours like luminous petals of hope and tender.
Noorie Ali

Can’t raise a man

He got older, but never grew
For his life he can't tell the truth
How to love he isn’t got a clue
Playing games like he'll never lose, you
Try to talk to him, can't get through
Every day he's a different dude
These are the signs of a grown boy
Better run for the hills, I'm just trying to keep it real
You can't raise a man, he's already grown, what you going to do?
You wonder why he acts like a boy
It's 'cause he wasn't raised right before you
Girl, you aren’t ever going to change nobody
If he doesn’t want to, you can't make anybody
By Kmichelle

Love of nature
I love thee, nature, with a boundless love,
The calm of earth, the storm of roaring woods;
The winds breathe happiness where’re I rove,
There's life's own music in the swelling floods.
My heart is in the thunder-melting clouds,
The snow-Capt. mountain, and the rolling sea;
And hear ye not the voice where darkness shrouds
The heavens? There lives happiness for me.

Death breaths its pleasures when it speaks of him;
My pulse beats calmer while his lightning’s play.
My eye, with earth's delusion waxing dim,
Clear with the brightness of eternal day.
The elements crash round me: it is he !
Calmly I hear his voice and never start.
From Eve's posterity I stand quite free,
Nor feel her curses rankle round my heart.

Love is not here. Hope is, and at his voice ---
The rolling thunder and the roaring sea ---
My pulses leap, and with the hills rejoice;
Then strife and turmoil are at end for me,
No matter where life's ocean leads me on;
For nature is my mother, and I rest,
When tempests trouble and the sun is gone,
Like to a weary child upon her breast.
By john Clare
If Not For You
If not for you, I wouldn’t know what true love really meant.
I’d never feel this inner peace;
I couldn’t be content.
If not for you, I’d never have the pleasures of romance.
I’d miss the bliss, the craziness,
Of love’s sweet, silly dance.
I have to feel your tender touch;
I have to hear your voice;
No other one could take your place;
You’re it; I have no choice.
If not for you, I’d be adrift;
I don’t know what I’d do;
I’d be searching for my other half,
Incomplete, if not for you.
By Joanna Fuchs

My Minority
I'm as much of a minority as I could be
They all see past me but apparently they can't see
The real me is better than their majority
I can be me without your authority
I stand alone against you all
I stand alone against this wall
I'm singled out the best way I know
By being me, it sure is a show
I've stepped out of the line that I crossed years ago
I get high and drink WHINE but I am