Water Pollution In China

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Introduction to China china lies in the south surrounded by 40 nations. It has a world largest population which is about 1.3 billion. Every five people in the world one is Chinese. There are 56 ethic group. Han Chinese ethic group has largest 92% population. China is a single state party governor by Communist Party of China whose power strength constitute in the Chinese constitution. People follow Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism as their religion. There are Chinese Muslim too. China is the oldest civilization in the world about 5000 years. Till 1912, many successor dynasty rule the country. China has move forward in the invention of science and technology. They invented printer, paper, gunpowder and compass. History shows the landmark of Great …show more content…
The government is taking a core step in minimising air pollution and water pollution. With rapid increase in the economic growth of China it has created another big challenges in reducing pollution. In late 1990s, the energy consumption has increased by 70% and from 2000-2005 consumption of coal increased by 75%. China is the world largest emission of SO2. The pollution in water also created a serious threat. In between 2000 -2005, 54% of seven rivers of China was regarded as unsafe to drink. The polluted rivers mainly lies in the northeast part of China because of dense population density. Northern China faces both air and water pollution where there is highest per capita income. Most dangerous polluted water lies in Huai, Songhua, Liao and Hai as well as most severe scarcity of water problem lies in Ningxia, Tianjin, Beijing, Jiangsu and Shanxi. Both pollution has created severe health problem which lead to premature mortality rate and morbidity. Air pollution has directly affected 157.3 billion yuan or 1.16 % of GDP. There are still no pipe water in rural areas which created diarrhoea and cancers of digestive system, whose worth cost 1.9 % of total GDP of the country. Water and air pollution has damages the material and crop. Crop damaged by acid rain costs 30 billion and 7 billion in material damage. The study in 2003 shows that cost of water and air pollution was about 2.68% of GDP which was 362 billion yuan. After USA, China is the world second largest consumption of energy. Though the reduction of emission of SO2 decreased from 1980, still China is among the world largest polluted country. The quality of surface water is poor in dense population