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The Fish Stock vide emphasizes about Overfishing which is destroying the ocean ecosystems and is only possible because there is no legal claim when it comes to the ocean, therefore there are more fish caught than are produced. This creates a big dilemma, on one side there are the commercial fishers trying to feed six billion people on this planet and provide for their own living. On the other side, there are the ocean-dwelling fishes that are nearing their extinction and the scientists believe that overfishing has done more harm than any other impact done by humans before. So assuming that the provided supplies on fish will never run out by the high volume of cached fish is very naïve. we are beyond the point of keep going the way we have been in the past, but with the right develop programs, this problem could be managed.
Below is my sustainment plan that will help benefit both sides of this main issue:
Action Items

Action Steps Timeline
Identifying the problems of overfishing the ocean.
Gathering information and specific data due to overfishing the ocean, like climate changes, unintentional destroying of non-targeted species and pollution. Providing exact numbers of the future progress due to overfishing.

During 1 month
Evaluating the problems of commercial fishing, providing alternatives methods and developing beneficial strategies for the future for both parties.
One of the big problems of overfishing is the bycatch, which is in the end just wasted. So better controls must be set on bycatch, setting resalable limits on caught fish, protecting the habitats better by setting higher penalties for the ships trashing the ocean and monitoring the fishers and their catch better.
1 to 2 month
Setting a meeting for each individual group.
Setting an meeting with each individual group, the fishers and the environmentalists, listing to their opinions and presenting the already gathered information
2 -3 month
First getting in touch with GREENPEACE then invite both groups (fishers and the environmentalists) and GREENPEACE to a presentation meeting.
Speaking with GREENPEACE about the alternative technology of saving bycatch, like for example the Turtle exclusion devices. Then setting a meeting where technologies like these can be presented and explained by GREENPACE.
3 to 4 month
Evaluating the new information and gathering new information about the states strategies on how to address the impact on climate changes trough the overfishing and over polluting the ocean.
Evaluating the gathered information from each individual group and preparing a power point presentation.
Addressing Senators from different States about the existing issues as the greenhouse gases that are caused by overfishing the ocean. Asking for more support trough gathered singed lists by the public.

During month 4
Scheduling a new meeting with being open to the public
Preparing the meeting, inviting the local newspaper, preparing brochures for the public with exact data. Providing alternative job ideas by keeping the ones in mind that will take the biggest cut.
End of month 4

This plan of action should bring some progress to the ongoing issue with overfishing the ocean.It is reasonable that the fishers want to keep his/her lucrative business, feed this earth's population and provide for their own families. However, with this being said, it must be made understandable that if the oceans sources are being abused, as in the past and present time, that there will be no business left for the fishers.
The environmentalists should be presented with some good alternatives, like how to better save the bycatch and how there are ways of better controlling the overfishing of the ocean. Yes, he or she might still prefer that there should be no catching of fish at all, but as we know that there is no legal claim to the ocean and with the ocean being as big as…