Water Resources Plan Essay

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Water Resources Plan
SCI 275
Andre Pereira
July 14, 2013

Plan to Avoid Flooding

Action Items
(in order) Action Steps Timeline
Pre-Flood Actions Allowing people to prepare themselves for flooding by preparing a plan for their personal safety and evacuation plan and the prevention of damage to property. Much of the information repeatedly stress the importance of being prepared, prioritizing activities and preparing disaster kits because in most cases they don’t have time to rescue anything besides their own families. The action prior flooding depends on the length of time between the initial flooding warning and the arrival the floodwater.
Flood Plan Check List Keep a list of useful numbers: Emergency Services, Insurances, Local Police, Fire Department and Family Members.
Have sandbags or floor boards prepared to block doorways.
Make up a flood kit: Torch, blankets, waterproof clothing, portable radio, first aid kit, rubber gloves, rubber boots and personal documents. Keep it upstairs.
Talk with a family about the possible flooding. Consider a plan, write it and post throughout the house.
Turn off the gas and electricity.
Have pets? Where will you move them?
Store valuable and sentimental belongings upstairs or high places.
Medication, store in a safe place in case you need during the flood. At least a year if you know that your area have a high risk of flooding.
Actions With most people, give them sufficient warning, this will able to take some action to limit the damage to property and belongings, such actions may well be unplanned and without preparations. Timely flood warnings can…