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As technology continues to play a large role in everyday life for people around the world, one must ask the question of how important is being technologically literate in this day and age? Should learning to be familiar with technological devices such as computers are considered as important as being skilled in the more established school subjects such as reading and math? Considering how important technology is becoming in our everyday lives as well as the workplace it would be logical to assume that becoming technologically literate should be just as a well established subject in schools as Math and English. However for this to happen we have to deal with all the problems that may occur when trying to establish classes that address the need for technological literacy. Technology classes need to be made a general education course just like reading and math in order for the new generation to be adequately prepared for the demands of new technology based jobs.
Why technological literacy is important
In today’s society it is very important to be technologically literate in order to stay competitive in the modern job market. Even applying for most jobs know requires that you use a computer to send your resume online. Jobs that do not even require a college education such as working in the fast food industry have you using a computer while on the job (Jennings, 2005). Besides the fact that nearly all jobs require some level of technological literacy; it is also important to note that the jobs with the highest demand and the best starting salaries involve a high level of technological literacy. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers the mechanical and electrical engineers are in demand and they also are among the best paid (Katzanek, 2009). Industries that deal with computers are also among the most in demand jobs in 2009 (Katzanek, 2009). The fact that nearly all jobs require at least some technological literacy and also looking at the fact that jobs that require a high level of technological proficiency are among the highest paying in today’s job market; it would make sense that classes focusing on improving technological literacy should be started at a young age and be a required course just like history and math.
Problems with establishing