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Individual Report

This is worth 50% of the module mark.

You are required to produce an individual report on a question chosen from the list at the end of this document or one negotiated between you and your workshop leader.

Word limits are set to guide you. If you are slightly over or under the limit please do not worry.

You should follow this format for your individual report.

Title Page

1. This should include:
2. The Question/Topic of the report
3. Your name
4. Your knumber
5. The Module Name and Code
6. Your workshop leader’s name

Executive Summary

This section is worth 10% of the report mark. It should act as both an introduction and offer an indication of what your overall conclusion/answer to the question will be.
The word limit for this section is 150 words.
Plan of Work

This is worth 10% of the report mark. This section should show how you plan to respond to the question in your discussion. It should offer a step-by-step approach that shows how you are going to reach your conclusion. Word Guidance = maximum of one page of structured bullet points or a diagram/mindmap.

Discussion (answering the question)

This section should offer a clear discussion in response to the question that encompasses your thinking along with any relevant points (clearly referenced) from the material you have read. When appropriate you should refer to relevant reading that relates to the question. You should reference other people’s work using the Harvard Referencing system (or an equivalent). Word limit = 1500

The discussion is worth 50%.
Conclusion and Recommendations

This section is worth 30% of the report mark. Here your answer to the question and any recommendations should be clearly stated. No new material should be offered here. Word limit = 350


You must supply a bibliography formatted in Harvard style (or an equivalent). This should include all of the materials that you read for the report, whether you cited them in the body of the report or not.

You should deliver a soft copy of your report as a Microsoft Word file via the Assignment Box on the CI1141 StudySpace site by 10am on the 15th December. This is copy that must be received by the deadline. Any copy submitted after this time will be considered late.

In addition you must submit an identical paper copy into the physical dropbox within one week of the deadline.

You must supply both an online copy and a paper copy. The versions supplied on paper and online must be identical.

Note 1: Your online submission is uploaded to plagiarism detection software, to test the extent to which this is written in your own words.

Note 2: Your submission should be written as a report (with headings and subheadings) - not as an essay.

Note 3: A report without references and citations will not be acceptable and may not be marked. TECHNOLOGY & CHANGE CI1141 Individual Report

Name: knumber:

Assessment Criteria Feedback Marks
Executive Summary
• Concisely written summary of the report.
• A clear response to the question is outlined.
• Any key terms are defined. /10
Plan of work
• Good use of mind map, diagram and/or bullet points.
• Show a clear organisation and progression of ideas. /10
• An integrated response to the question is given.
• Follows the plan outlined in the plan of work.
• Refers closely to the question.
• Discusses key terms.
• Clear references are used.
• Appropriate quantity of reading undertaken.

• The question is answered clearly.
• Conclusions are based on the discussion and literature review. /30

Note marks may be deducted (and reports failed) for poor spelling, grammar, layout, referencing and bibliographies. /100


1. Scientific Management considers individuals to be mere cogs