Week 1 Assignment: Moodle And Webadvisor Information

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Ronda George Ms. Adams Tech 1100-10D2 30 August 2013 Week 1 Assignment Moodle and WebAdvisor Information Moodle Moodle it the student portal, that allows you to access all your classes and information. You will fine this site the courses you are in for that semester. It will have your syllabus per course and all your instructor information. It allows you to set up a calendar for reminders of turn dates for assignments. It gives you forums that you can communicate with other students and instructors. Gives daily update of the things that may have been changed. It also supplies you all instructions for submission of your work, rather it be a text or file. This site is very student friendly. It also gives you the information of how to contact the Tech Support when problems come up that you need to fix. It has extra resources under the Resource Tab at the top. It allows you to down load your private files to this site for safe keeping after turning in for a submission, that allow you easy access to them if the submission does not go through the first time. It also has alerts when the site will be down for updates and schedule maintenance. This site will be most useful to you during the semesters. It allows you to have everything at a touch. WebAdvisor Webadvisor is the main site for getting information needed for enrollment process and financial aid. This site has several different sections that are User Accounts, Registration, Financial Information, Financial Aid, Academic Profile, and Communication. User Accounts has all the information that you need to change your user information, password, and address.