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analyze how communication in groups differs from individual communication. Are there unique challenges to communicating with groups? Provide examples
Communicating in groups is different than communicating with individuals. Some examples of common groups in the work place “are: work groups, committees and boards, and project teams” (Baack, 2012). When communicating in a group, you have to focus the way you choose to communicate based on multiple people rather than one (Baack, 2012). This makes communicating in a group more difficult. Now that there are multiple people listening to you, how an idea is conveyed has to be tailored in a way that all parties of the group will understand. If you were communicating with a group of people from different countries, you could not use American slang words and be able to convey a message as easily as with an all American group. When only one person is communicating with you, the conversation is much more personal. You and the other person are focused on each other. In a group conversation, you can pop in and out of focusing on one another throughout the conversation. An example of this is how you are normally paying much more attention when a single person is asking you a question and expecting feedback from you than if a person was asking the group. Communicating in a business group normally involves having one person of the group act as the leader or facilitator of the conversation such as in work groups, committees, and