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Dawn King
Life Plan My ultimate passion in life is to one day own my own catering business. The type of catering business I would like to own one day is specializing in seafood and delectable desserts. Cooking has always been a passion of mine so it’s no wonder why this is my no# 1 passion in life and it is what drives me to complete my education so I can make this dream into a reality one day. I just have some many ideas going through my mind about different foods I would love to create and have people enjoy those creations.

My top focus for my catering company is going to be on anything that contains seafood in it because of course that is my favorite food. My desserts will not be your typical desserts that will be something that you or I have never heard of before because I want them to be unusual and unique. I am constantly thinking of different concoctions to put together to produce dessert perfection.

The reason why this is my passion and what’s drive me on a daily basis is because ever since I was a little girl from about the age of five until I got to be a teenager I would follow my mother around the kitchen asking her all sorts of questions regarding what types of foods was she making, how to make it, what she was putting in the foods to make them taste a particular way. My mother would always tell me that one day I would be a wonderful mother and cook. So her words have always stuck with me and she was right today I am a wonderful mother and cook.

An insecurity that might make my dream never come true is my need to never fail. I know that so many startup businesses fail within the first year so that is a very scary reality. I’m pretty sure a lot of people who started a business or who want to start a business have had those same insecurities but they didn’t let that stop them and today we have a lot of small business owners.
I am a very persistent, and determined young lady who isn’t going to let nothing or nobody stop me from making this dream into a reality or stop me from being the best that I can be. I was born for greatness and I will make my dream into a reality one day.
In the past I have had a bad relationship with money I didn’t budget or live within my means and that would cause me to always be in debt. In moving forward though I have put a lot of different things in place to make sure I do live within my means now and forever. I have to say that having taken this class have taught me a great deal I didn’t even know a term like having a relationship with money but now I do and I will do better now. So in the past my relationship has been terrible I would always spend, spend, spend and never save always waiting for the next check to get me out of the hole that I had created for myself and my household. I would put some bills off until the next month which would put added charges on certain bills that had to be paid at a certain time. This class has taught me that having a relationship with money means to live within your means, living by a budget and to always spend less than you earned.
This class had also taught me to how to reverse the bad effects of my poor money management skills by following a few simple steps: First, by paying all or majority of all my most important bills. Second, to live by a budget this would allow me to live within my means. Third, to award myself once every 3 to 6 months and give myself an allowance once a month that I must live by.
Some important suggestions I would like to implement in my relationship that I have with money is some expert advice from financial planner Jonathan Clements, who says that one should first develop or have in place a personal financial plan which is a key element in determining where your income is going.
To second spend less than one earns as people we are constantly striving to get that bigger home or that a better car or the most expensive clothes this is refer to as hedonic treadmill. A perfect example of