What Do People Look For In A Burger Essay

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What do people look for in a burger joint? Essay

Some would say the amount of food and the quantity

is the biggest concern. Let's face it, who doesn't want more food for less money? Others often say the biggest requirement is customer service. Every person wants to be treated fairly and in a professional Usually people don't list this reason, but atmosphere is

manner, as every paying customer should. another huge factor.

If customers don't feel comfortable

eating, why pay to eat at all? Its reasons such

as these that restaurants like Killer burger are a better decision all around, when compared to Five Guys.

Five Guys has been around for a while now, as has Killer Burger. Both restaurants are known for hamburgers and fries, but which has it better. When visiting Five Guys, customers walk up to the and the type of fries

~ counter, and order the type of burger they want. They can pick all of m:rtoppings,


they would like. The fries come in regular and larg~'and is almost ~ but when only paying ~~for

they mean large when they say it. Regular size

a burger that makes sense. Drinks will set one person Not so bad in today's

back $2 more. So the grand total for one person ends up being a little under ~


economy considering everyone gets to watch the employee pile on the ingredients, and sit down in a mediocre looking restaurant to eat the food. What they don't tell us is we shouldn't get our hopes up. The burger that comes out is a