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Identifying Art in your surroundings In my environment, I see art everywhere. However, the best way for me to describe art is by using the drawings I have in my room. Whenever I look at them, all I see is that they are unique. Every painting, drawing, sculpture, art comes from an artist’s mind; making it unique and personal. Even if an artist tries to imitate another’s drawing, the result will still have something different. Each artist has a special “touch,” or “thing” that makes his art in his image. Therefore, everyone’s an artist even though they don’t realize it. In my opinion, another criterion for something to be art is the emotion that it conveys. If art neither communicates an emotion nor have a meaning, then it’s useless. All the drawings I have in my room are based on a particular experience. Those drawings show what motivated the artist, and what feelings he had deep inside him while drawing. Whenever someone understands a drawing, or painting, I believe the goal of the artist is fulfilled. Unfortunately, not everyone can understand what an artist is conveying in his art because not everyone experiences the same things in life. As long as you are yourself in your art, we can consider it as art. Whenever people do things only to please others, then it’s no longer art. Art is not made to please; therefore art must not be beautiful. As a matter of fact, what is beautiful? Something beautiful for me may seem ugly to another. To sum up, art is something very…