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What Is Being An American? Philip warner

All Americans have their own way to express themselves, some may play sports, and some may recite poetry, but for me, the only way I can express myself is through music. Being an American, we all have rights. The right to listen to the music of my choice, to express myself through song and my voice, and the right to perform my music for the public are all extremely important to me as an individual. These rights are fundamental for many people who feel they cannot express themselves in any other way. Music plays a huge role in my everyday life, from singing in the car on the way to school, to performing in talent shows. My music taste varies depending on how I am feeling. I usually like up-beat dance music, but if I am sad I may choose to listen to smooth jazz. As Americans, we have the right to have our own musical taste, where in other countries people may have to listen to a specific style of music, or possibly no music at all. I feel, that if I cannot listen to what I want, why listen to anything at all. Another key concept of my life is being able to express myself and my voice. I take a lot of pride in my voice, not because I think I am better than anyone, but because sometimes I feel my voice is the only good quality thing I have. When I started school, I knew I wanted to be a professional singer, which made me strive for every opportunity I had in music. In music class, I would get