What Is of Mice and Men Essay

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Of mice and men is a novel written by john Steinbeck, which entails two men George and Lennie travelling the United States of America who are looking for work during the time period of the dustbowl, a series of sand storms that hit American and Canadian prairie lands during the 1930s, which left thousands of Americans homeless and jobless.
We are first introduced to the main characters of George and Lennie in chapter one where we first see the effects of the dustbowl. As the two men are travelling towards a ranch searching for any available work. George looks out for Lennie and makes sure he stays safe and well. ‘lennie, Lennie for god’ sakes don’t drink so much’. This also makes me believe they have a strong friendly relationship, because no matter what friends look out for each other and are always there. Which in this instance brings me to my point that George does not want Lennie to become ill, and die from drinking from an unknown source of water. Which then proves that they have a realy strong friendly relationship because no matter what friends do anything they can to help and support their friends even when they themselves are struggling.
In the john Steinbeck novel the two men are travelling together and one of those men are seen as a leader possibly because he is more dominant. I know this because john Steinbeck writes ‘they had walked single file down the path and even in the open one stayed behind the other’. This shows that one man follows the other, which makes me…