What Is the Whole Essay

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The article “What Is the Whole” by Nancy M. Wentworth and Eula Ewing Monroe, states that teaching subject matter is not showing the student the way everyday math should be. They say that that is how we should teach math to students. If math was taught this way students would not get so confused about fractions. In the Constructivist classroom the student should be shown how to ask questions about a problem and be able to question how math problems work. It is to make the student think and not just go problem by problem but actually think about it many ways so they understand. That way student is and will be able to think through a problem and be able to thoroughly understand how it should be. This way they can have a group discussion with the students’ peers. It may give the student another way to think about the problem. It also would put the student in a real life situation. In the instance when the teacher had the students look at dividing the pizzas. Now in this instance the teacher was not showing the students the right way to solve this problem and that is what we as teachers need to be careful about. We need to make sure we don’t ruin a student in the learning environment. We as teachers need to be careful when they show the student how to work a problem out. The student when shown by a teacher may know in their mind how to do a problem but to the student it can be a confusing task for them to understand. The instance with the egg cartons in the article shows the wrong way for a teacher to illustrate a fraction problem. She shows 1/3 of the carton with the whole carton but then proceeds with cutting the carton to show 1/5, 1/3, and then the one unit. The student was still thinking the carton as all of the pieces together. The student ends up not understanding. Mary in the article realizes that her representation was wrong. Concrete representations can be of great help if used correctly as well as totally confusing the student. So you have to careful not to hinder the student when using these models. Teachers should encourage the student to draw what they are comfortable with drawing so they fully understand what they have going on in their minds. It also gives the teacher an understanding of what the student is thinking and better able to help them better understand what they are thinking. So teachers need to be