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Whole Foods When walking into Whole Foods the front of the store is always blazing with flowers and when you walk in its directly into the fresh produce that is tantalizing, fresh and over flowing. When I walk into other grocery stores I’m greeted with a big display of lay’s potato chips, donuts and bins of dollar candy. This is very clear how this makes the two stores different. If I want a cold coke I have several options in a normal grocery store at whole foods there no wear to be found. Whole Foods is also different because they care about how their produce is grown and how there meat when in live form are fed, unlike other stores they just need it and lots of it. Another difference is the fresh salad bar and hot meals as well as great smoothies. In a local store you have fried, fried and more fried served with a side of soda. Using the information I learned while on the tour at Whole Foods it will help me change my eating habits by eating organic foods. I will be removing refined sugars, salts, extracted oils, and refined grains, flour and pasta and adding more whole grains and natural sugars and eating leaner cuts of meats and seafood’s. I will also try to eat out less and cook more at home and making sure I use lots of fresh vegetables. I really enjoyed the tour. Some great things were learning about what foods are better for you and getting to taste some of the foods. I also enjoyed all of the information that was given to us at the end of the tours well as the green smoothies. There were a few uncontrolled small things that I didn’t like. I felt I was always in the way and the raw apple crisp