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You can find many of these cases all over in the play “Hamlet”.

Feminism: “the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men”. Feminism is becoming more and more subtle in many pieces of literature today. People aren't “stereotyping” women anymore. Women used to be treated as nothing but maids who made sandwiches and babies. They cooked, they cleaned and, they were there at the beck-and-call of the man whom they were eternally imprisoned by. Going back in literature many of the writers were strictly men. That is why most plays and books from a long time ago were enot filled with feminist characteristics but “anti-feminism”, not necessarily supporting the idea of feminism but overall just putting it down and rubbing it in the dirt. You can find many of these cases all over in the play “Hamlet”. This is mostly because of the fact that the play is strictly viewed through the eyes of a man and the experiences he faces. One specific example of feminism in Hamlet is in Act IIIscene I when Gertrude is just straight up told to leave the room and let the men do their business.It starts off with King Claudius saying “Sweet Gertrude, leave us too, for we have closely sent for Hamlet hither…” and Gertrude responds with “ I shall obey you”. (Act III scene I lines 32-33). This provides a perfect example of feminism. The King completely acts like Gertrude is not needed and just summons her out of the room. Gertrude doesn’t…