What is a true friend? Essay

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What is a true friend? What are their qualities? One who cares about what you go through, good times and bad, or someone to laugh with, or cry with. Someone you can tell all things to without worrying about them throwing something back in your face to hurt you with. They have the qualities of being honest, supportive of you, and your goals. A true friend is the best possession, and is worth more, means more, and is better than any material object you will ever have. Undoubtedly, I have many true friends that I can rely on. One that sticks out to me the most is my friend Brooke. Lately, I’ve been having difficulties understanding my math homework. I look over my notes and text book for hours for help, but it’s no use. After failing a couple tests I knew I had to take action, and ask for help before it’s too late and I fail that class. One day I was thinking who understands this subject strongly, and is willing to take their time to help me understand. I knew one person and one person only, Brooke. I needed the help tremendously, and didn’t hesitate to ask. When I asked her for her help to tutor me, she was more than glad to. She helped me everyday study, and understand what I was having trouble with and prepared me for my next math test. The next math test I had I passed, and at that time I knew I had a true friend that I can rely on. Assuredly, I have more true friends that I can rely on. There are two that pop in head, Rebecca, and Monique. During my freshmen year I was thinking of playing soccer for the school. There was one problem; I’ve never played soccer in my life, and trying out for the high school I knew I needed someone to help me train. I really wanted to play, because soccer a very invigorating sport that’s nonstop. There aren't many breaks in soccer; it keeps both the