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There’s No Place Like Home

From the beginning I was never alone,
From preschool to high school I’ve always been known
We were called the “Full House.”
A set of twins and triplets defines my story,
Now read a little bit of my history.

Walking into my house was never unknown,
The creek in the door was one thing,
But the sweet smell of roses always reminds me of spring.
The purple couch always called my name
And I ran to it like a burning flame.
I remember doing my homework at the kitchen table,
But was so tempted to go and watch cable.
My life has been such a blessing like no other,
I couldn’t imagine it any better.

Outside was our paradise;
Waking up at the crack of dawn and listening to the birds as they sang, then playing backyard football with the neighborhood gang.
The days of summer were what we loved most,
And our favorite game at night was what we called “ghost.”
“1 o’clock, 2 o’clock 3o’clock rock!” we chanted these words as aloud as we could till we ran out of breath and went inside to watch Robin Hood.
Oh how our times were splendid
I wish it never ended.

Family over everything, that is my motto.
I woke up Christmas morning excited as ever
To find out I’m going to Cancun, Mexico.
My whole family went including cousins and all.
It was the trip of a lifetime, we had a ball.
As a family we laugh till we cry
And are there for each other till the day we die.
Like my mom used to say: “Say what you feel and do what you like,…