White Rabbits Essay

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The Rabbits NotesJames Grafton
Goes from Belonging (i.e. connection to the land)-> Not Belonging ( rejection from theland ), due to conflict of societies. The undertone of this novel pertains to the belonging toa specific group or culture– and the novel metaphorically represents the possums asaborigines, and the white settlers - cleverly tying in thecontemporary issue of Australia’sinequality.

Uses colour in first few pages to represent a connection to the land – brown, redand yellow – earthly colours that effectively work together in creating adefinitive environment o They work with the land instead of abusing it

“Brown possums” raised as the inhabitants -> there is a conflict in colour whenthe white rabbits enter the land o Foreshadows tension further on

Juxtaposing positions of societies on double page spread – brown on left, whiteright. Hiatus represents a conflict of interest, further with a conflict in colour – white environment consists of dark, grayscale -> reflective of their technologicaladvancementProgression: Book progresses, so too does dissolution of the brown rabbit’s belonging

Marsden uses repetition of text “There were too many rabbits” to exemplify thenewfound dominance of the rabbits in a forceful attempt to belong to the land -> superficial and forced belonging to place.

Violence as a symbolic representation of the limitations of the cultures, whichcreates a sub concept of conflict. Juxtaposition of weapons, especially in size anddetail – white rabbits are larger in size, greater detail, and greater number. Feebleopposition of brown rabbits – limited, uses elements of the earth as opposed tomanufactured goods -> destruction of brown rabbits o Upon brown depletion, comes a depletion in colour within the world – turns grayscale progressively w/ houses, buildings and farms

Signifying the NOT belonging to place by the black rabbits

Brown rabbits are framed to the left of the page, enshrouded by technologicaladvancement and the vectors of a fence lead them to be seen as prisoners

Black colour dominates final pages to suggest lack of life, lack of belonging – colour and light used as symbols

Low key colours + vector of horizon leads reader’s eyes towards a huge jail wall,framed to the left of the page. The text “the land is bare and brown and the wind blows across the plains” sits above the horizon’s vector – although the whiterabbits occupy the land, they do not belong to it, hence Marsden’s use of “bare” o Furthers link between black rabbits and the land

“Wind blows empty” is mysterious imagery to show the rejection that naturalelements now have towards the land, and suggests that the white rabbits havedestroyed the landscape -> superficial colonization and forced belonging / signifies