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Who Let the Dog Out? I remember it all so vividly; I was a young girl visiting my grandmother in the country. I was sitting outside on a hot summer day, watching the few cars pass as I ate ice cold ice cream to cool myself off. I was a mere 12 years old, I had only been at my grandmother’s a few short hours when I decided to take my grandma’s dog outside to play with me. I soon became very tired of being in the heat and decided to go back inside; I was quite forgetful at that age and forgot I had taken the dog out with me. I went down for a nap and was rudely awakened a few hours later. I awoke with a start and when I opened my eyes my grandmother was in my face. I was quite startled and did not know what was happening. My grandmother was very upset with me; she then explained to me what had happened while I was asleep. She went outside to look for her dog and searched the whole time I was asleep, to her demise, she did not find her dog. I immediately got worried that her dad had run away. We searched and called but her dog never came. I became even more worried that my grandmother would be highly upset with me for being the one that allowed her dog to be outside and irresponsibly left him outside unsupervised. We continued our search for the dog and once again, he was nowhere to be found. Soon my grandfather came home from work and he accompanied us in our quest to find their dog. I began to weep uncontrollably as my grandfather sternly wagged his finger in my face, fussing me for allowing such a horrible thing to happen. I was thankful that my grandmother took my side and defended me. We decided to give up our search and go inside the house for dinner. As we sat down and ate our dinner, I contemplated every possible place my grandparent’s dog could be. We had searched in