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Linda lees essay who needs college is a very well thought out piece of literature. It touches on many issues that students like myself are dealing with today. now I don't believe that the majority of young people are ready for college nor should they even attend college at all. If I had not attended id still be working as a solar installer making pretty good money, but it was my conflict of interest and the shadow of my sisters masters of art history from Guelph university that persuaded me to attend school. There are many reasons students may attend school but are they the right reasons, which is the real question. Are young people ready for school should they go at all.

Like many others I don't think I was quiet ready for college as LEE states in her essay" two thirds of high school graduates go on to college ", that's 60 percent. Out of that 60 percent ill estimate maybe 15 - 20 percent vaguely know what they want to do with their schooling and intern their lives. personally I think unless you have a solid idea of where your passion lays you do not belong in post secondary education. my reasoning is thus 80% of people according to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey hate their job what every one must decide is do I chase my passion or the paycheck. Life experience truly helps you discover who you are and what your capable of so instead of attending school directly after graduation travel the world go to new places meet new people try working a few jobs and in the midst of your travels and working experience you might find yourself and your true calling.

Now deciding whether I should go to school at all is very specific to what I want to do with my life, many companies want specific diploma's and certifications which is entirely acceptable. If you owned an electrical company would you hire someone who doesn't know a positive from a negative no you wouldn't certain jobs need prerequisite education. what people fail to recognize is there's many ways of obtaing this education one option would be an apprenticeship. which in todays society is very practical because not only are you getting the education you need your getting hands on field experience which is more important to the employer then your perfect marks on your math tests. even in my own case I m…