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-The reason why i am attending college

College is a place in which people of all types convene for different reasons. Various reasons bring people of all backgrounds to convene at college. Most students come with a reason to attend college; it may be for business, sciences, international relations, music. I am attending so i can earn a Fire Science Technology degree which has been one of my lifes goals. I want to also further my education by going to college and learn new subjects. Having this degree will help me better myself with a higher paying job than most people who don't have a degree. Going to college to obtain a degree that will one day help me get into becoming something that i've dreamed of my entire life is a challenge i'm willing to take. Firefighting is a career that will make me feel proud and accomplished. I have a lot of respect for them because without them we would be a broken community. It has always been my dream to help others in need which is why i must go and complete my next biggest step in life, college. Getting my degree to meet the requirements to become a firefighter. While growing up i spent lots of time with my friends, i saw how they strived to make ends meet and live a good lifestyle. It wasn't the best lifestyle, it was un organized, unmannered, and not very healthy. Seeing how all this could one day affect me later in life made me realize how important it is for me to study and learn new things in college. How education could really improve somebody's life. Subjects such as psychology which will help you life a more happy life and understand others. And how computer classes can get you up to date and ready for jobs that require current knowledge on operating systems. What most people don't realize nowadays is that a High School diploma isn't really much for a career; its pretty much a