why cats should stay indoors Essay

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Cats are very deadly creatures. When you get them as kittens they are cute, cuddly, and nice. But when they grow up they are masters of deception. You think your cat wont hurt a thing, but when you let him out of your sight he does really harmful stuff. The movie “ The secret life of cats” is a great movie to tell you what your cats do when you’re not around.
The main theme of this movie is that cats kill a lot of animals all around the world. They are lowering the population of animals we need in our environment. They have made some animals extinct. Cats have also killed a lot of birds. Sometimes its not even the cats fault. When a owner gets a kitten and doesn’t get it spade or neutered, then the cat has babies. Ten when the owner doesn’t want any more cats he dumps them, everywhere, from the middle of nowhere to your neighborhood park. The cats have to eat something to survive.
I think cats should be treated nicely and not dumped to die. I also think cats should stay indoors most of the time. They shouldn’t be mistreated where they can never go outside and smell the fresh air. Also the owner should watch their cat more often. I think this will save a lot of lives of the wildlife.
My cat would sometimes go outside. I think a good time would be about 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. I would let them stay outside for about a hour or two. I would also check on them to make sure they are not killing anything. If they brought back something dead, I would discipline them. I would love and