Why Did John Brown's Raid

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John Brown, known as a devoted abolitionist, opposed slavery not with words but with violence. John Brown organized a pro slavery force in attempt to seize the US arsenals in Harpers Ferry West Virginia., John Brown and his men captured local citizens and seized the federal armory. John sacked the town of Lawrence in the Kansas Territory. By doing so he gained weapons that would be used during the pro slavery raid. Brown took revenge on pro-slavery men when he led his followers to Pottawatomie Creek. The launch of this bloody attack began a violent counterattack against Brown and his followers. This violent attack was later known as “bleeding kansas”. However, Brown’s raid did not last long.
On the night of October 16,1589 John’s hideout from the firestorm is found.In late afternoon US Marines under Colonel Robert E. Lee arrive, many of the raiders are captured including Brown.Outnumbered, Brown surrenders and is ultimately
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In addition, the raid contributed to issues with the presidential election held in 1860.His raid made it hard for a compromise between the confederate and union which shows that is in fact an important factor of the Civil War.
A few years later, it is said that the raid’s failure is due to disorganized slaves. But at the same time , the slaves were unable to get into contact with Brown due to the trial he was charged with. To this day Brown’s actions are a controversial topic as they contribute to whether or not there should be secession on slavery. During the trial, the South was filled with enraging pro-slavery men. The South was encouraged to secede from the Union and was determined to keep slavery . They felt a sense of betrayal and treason because Brown was a white man. Although his actions were not entirely moral, it helped unify a better community for the slaves and clearly shows us the devotion one abolitionist can have for