Why Did Nazi Use Of Propaganda

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Propaganda is used as a form of persuasion. During the period of 1933-1945 Nazi used propaganda to persuade the German people to support them. The purpose of it was to convince people to believe in the values and ideas of the Nazis. The Nazi had 3 main messages: how great Germany was, how Germans should be pure (Aryan), and worshipping Hitler. I think that Propaganda was actually quite significant because it helped spread Nazis beliefs and because of this Hitler gained more supporters, therefore having more power. The Nazis used many different types of propaganda to get these messages across, such as: The media (films, radio, and newspapers), Rallies, Festivals, Celebrations, Culture, Education and any more
To ensure that everybody followed
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The Nazis used rallies to express their ideology in a simple way to millions of people. They tried to give of the impression that they were all united and committed to Nazism through celebrations and such. Each year they would hold a mass rally at Nuremburg, where many people would come for the parades and displays. Hitler would give inspirational speeches at these rallies to gain support. The Nazis would also show off their new technology during them to enrapture the audience, with new lighting systems and speakers. Rallies were an effective form of control as it helped Germans bond together and it gave them a sense of belonging to something greats, so they liked it. The rallies emphasized the fact the Germans created order out of chaos. The Nazis needed loyalty from the people, and they gained this through grand and impressive rallies.
****The Berlin Olympics in 1936 was another way they tried to gain more supporters. It was a chance to show off their technological advances such as cameras and lighting systems (as mentioned above used in rallies) and show other countries that Germany had managed to get back on its feet after they world war one. On one hand the 1936 Berlin Olympics was a huge success as a large number of medals were awarded to German athletes- it showed other countries how much stronger and fitter the Germans were than them, and it also gave the Germans a lot of
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It was successful where traditional prejudices and values of Germans were involved such as nationalism, anti-socialism and family values, however for some ideologies the support was varied- for example support for the idea of anti-Semitism was strengthened, whereas for other propaganda such as the anti-church propaganda was quite counterproductive, and the Nazis support weakened, as many people in Germany was Christians. It was unsuccessful when it opposed traditional prejudices, such as the working