Why Do Black Lives Matter

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White americans are using illegal drugs five times more than african americans but, african americans get arrested and charged ten times more than whites. Black lives matter is a movement that had started because of police killing african americans while they have done nothing wrong. This movement rose up when a police officer named George Zimmerman had killed an unarmed teen named Trayvon Martin; It didn’t rise because of the Trayvon died, it rose up because of the police officer killed an unarmed african american. The movement is not just against the police either, it’s also against the government. Black americans are being arrested, charged, and killed more than any other race by police because, they’re accused for having drugs, killed while they are unarmed after doing nothing wrong, and because they are not the same race. …show more content…
Ted Cruz believes that black lives matter movement is wrong because he said that black lives matter is for targeting and killing more police officers. However, police have been killing african americans while they are unarmed and have done nothing wrong. Police had shot and killed an unarmed african american that looked like a robbery suspect because he had wore a black hooded sweatshirt. A 12 year old african american boy had been shot because he had a BB gun at a park and police had thought it was a real gun. A 16 year old african american teen had been shot 11 times because he was accused for having a gun even though witnesses and his parents said he didn’t have one. If police had stopped and went to investigate instead of shooting them, then these african americans could still be alive. African americans have been suffering because police have been accusing african americans of all age of having guns that they didn’t have or were