Why Do People Be Allowed To Have Pitbulls

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Dangerous, rabid, and scary, is that how you would describe your dog? No.Then don't describe someone else's that way. The breed of pit bulls has been thrown under the bus for a while now, but it’s time for that to change. As many as 12 states in America have banned pit bulls, and many places in Canada, including cities in British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta have Pitbull restrictions. Pitbull dogs are a misunderstood breed, therefore people should be allowed to own them.

Pitbull’s originated as hunting dogs, so they are obvious fighters. This plays a great role in self-defence. Many other dogs would not be able to protect their families and property as well as pit bulls. Pitbull’s have natural instincts telling them when to defend their estate. Pitbull’s have a great way of defending their people. Sometimes this can be a bad thing, but if properly trained, this can work to your advantage. The reputation of this breed can be used to your advantage for keeping yourself safe.
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Think about it, if you’re treating your dog harshly, what are you enforcing? Dogs, like humans, respond to positive reinforcement, if you’re nice to them they’ll be a good pet. Training your dog to be a fighter because of its breed enforces the stereotype of pit bulls being dangerous. People do chose pit bulls for fighting, and dangerous tasks because they are bred for hunting. Other dog breeds are also used in situations like these, and not just pit