Why Guns Are Bad Essay

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Having a gun can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the circumstances. A person that is in possession of a gun who is being attacked can protect themselves until the authorities arrive to help rescue them. Some people that own guns are able to use them responsibly rather than for evil purposes. If a person does not have a gun they are at the risk of being attacked. The authorities may not come in time to help rescue the victim. A problem with people having guns is that it would be hard to tell whether or not the person who is using the gun will use it responsibly or not. A person who uses a gun irresponsibly could rob someone to get what they want. Every day 48 teens and children are shot in murders and assaults. Parents can protect their children better from people that are trying to harm their family. Without guns people could be left as victims of a tragic end to their life. The Second Amendment allows you the right to own a gun if you chose to. In 2008 on June 26th, the District of Columbia vs. Heller voted. A majority of the court agreed that the Second Amendment is not unlimited. It protects an individual's …show more content…
If we don't have guns to protect ourselves then our country would be taken over by people from outside the US borders. People believe that if there are too many gun regulations then that would prevent the people's right to bear arms. The founders of the Bill of Rights understood that having the right to bear arms along with the other rights was essential to maintaining liberty among the people and the government. If the government were to make changes to one right, the chances are that they would make changes to all the rest of the rights. Without these rights people would have no Liberty or freedom. The government would have too much power over the people in the