Why I Want To Go To College

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We all want to go to a college, we want to go to we want to make our parents proud by going to college, but choosing a university and looking up information about it like financial aid and what they have to offer is kinda hard because they might not have what youŕe looking for. Texas State University is located in San Marcos 28 percent of applicants are submitted to Texas State 48% white, 35% Hispanic, 11% african American, 54% other is the diversity of the student body, It cost about $11,990 to live at Texas State university. The student to teacher ratio is 24:3, all the professors at Texas State have Certifications and a
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Financial aid is for degree-required classes only Texas State has international scholarships, Graduate scholarships, Texas State gives a minimum of $2,000 for pell grants these are the student loans for freshmen 5,000 first year, 6,500 second year, 7,500 third year my career choice is Electrical Engineering I need a Bachelor Degree for my career choice, and the program is 4 years long 38,808 is the number of students in electrical engineering. However I would want Financial aid because I don’t have enough to pay for Texas State. In conclusion the reason why I chose Texas State University is , because this university has a lot to offer it’s a tough school to get into, and I like a challenge and it is a very nice school it gives a good amount of student loans and you could get into this university through sports or