Why Is America Important To Me

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The country I live in can let all children have an education. The country I live in lets me say what I want, and have freedom of speech and lets me say what I want to say. The country I live in is protected by such amazing people. The country I live in a minor's eyes is a free one. America is a free country, who gives me the education to read and to write. I can be whoever I want to be thanks to the free public schools. I can eat in America for low-cost thanks to food stamps in America. I am protected in a free school, so I won't get hurt and my parents don't have to worry. I can be any skin color, sexuality, or believe any religion and still go to school thanks to America. America lets me and everyone around me say their beliefs, and let them tell suggestions to the government to help our country be better. My country lets everyone protest or agrees with its decisions. America listens to what people have to say and tries its best to change in the best ways possible. Sure, we make mistakes but it's hard running a country with 323.1 million people with different insights on how …show more content…
Just because these amazing people protect our America is why we have so much freedom. Our Marine Corps protects our country's power and our freedom. Most of why the government pays attention to our opinions are because of these magnificent men and woman. Our Navy and Air Force and Army helps us fight wars on both land and sea. And yet, although I don't like wars, these people fight for us so that us civilians do not get hurt. These people protect us with their lives, and they give up their families and even their ability to walk, see, hear and many more things. Even the people backstage help protect our country (cooking, healing and even making the clothing.) These people are the foundation of our country, the barrier of this country and what makes this country worth living