Why Is George Washington A Good Leader

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Leaders and presidents of all decades have been focused and based on leadership, making the United States the most peaceful nation, but George Washington, for many years, reflected and showed the most improvment. Presidents of all nations have showed leadership, but Washington showed timeless leadership. To be a leader was important to the United States and is still important to this day. Without leadership, the nation will go downhill very fast. George Washington made sure both the nation and the citizens were included in the development of the United States, and that is another reason why Washington was a big influence on the population of the United States and the citizens who made it up.

George Washington was a role model for both children and adults of that time era, and still shows an influence that is important to the foundation of the nation. "Washington was confident, yet humble. His humility was reflected in the way he gave people a voice by seeking and considering their opinions and ideas," (Stallard). This quote explains that Washington not only made decisions, but he thought about how everyone else would
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One reason is that he wasn't a humble person, but a rather selfish leader, and this was a problem in the United States at the time. "Willingly giving up power for the sake of one's country, once and then again, are not the actions of a power hungry individual. Perhaps Washington was unusually hungry for fame and glory, but the charge of power hungry is ridiculous," (Brown). The author is including information that states how George Washington was committed to being "power hungry" and only focused on himself, rather than the citizens of the United States. Their claim is wrong because he was a good leader, so he took pride in the goals he