Why Power Is Like a Drug Essay

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"There is nothing more corrupting, nothing more destructive of the noblest and finest feelings of our nature, than the exercise of unlimited power." By William H. Harrison To Understand this, perhaps it would be easier to put this into a more modern term that means the same. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Power is like a drug, its addicting. The stronger the drug the more addicted one becomes. In the exact case of power, the more power one has the more addicted they are to the power. Just like a drug addict it will often make people do things they would not normally do. This was one of the main concerns from our fore fathers. This is what drove them in the direction of our three branches of government, the legislative branch, the judicial branch, and executive branch. Each one of these branches acts as checks and balance system for the other. Recently this exact situation has come up in our government. Our current president has asked for the right to by pass congress to be able to raise the debt ceiling as he deems necessary. This is an attempt to bypass the checks and balance system that congress has over the presidency. Thereby, channeling too much power into one branch over our country. To allow this much power in any one branch would be the foundation for corruption and failure of this country’s governmental system due to excessive power. This is a good example of a dictatorship and how one person’s make decisions for all based about his views and not the views of the people he is governing. I think it is truly amazing how our fore fathers well over 200 years ago saw that this could very well happen and were smart enough to put in the checks and balance system. A great example of abuse of power is our healthcare system. It was not supported by the majority of the people, but because one party forced threw a bill that was not even completely written yet, we now have a healthcare system that we have no way of paying for and do not fully even understand the effects this law will have in the end. As an example, even Nancy Pelosi, the house majority leader, had said, “…you have to pass