Essay on Why Professionals Enter The Helping Field

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Why Professionals Enter the Helping Field
Team B
September 10, 2014
Robert Vado

Why Professionals Enter the Helping Field Why would someone choose to enter the helping field knowing that there is very high stress involved, many challenges, and many times long, thankless hours? Reasons to enter the helping field vary. For some it is because something happened in their life that is very parallel to the helping career they choose, so they feel a connection. For others the feeling of satisfaction they get after they have helped someone is their reward. (Hodges, 2005) This paper will explain, in more detail, some of the reasons professionals enter the helping field.
An Interest in Helping
The decision to enter the helping field can be based on a number of reasons; for instance, according to Northwestern University website, many students major in psychology because they are fascinated by people. Finding what makes them do what they do leads to a career in the helping field. (Northwestern University, 2014)
Others enter the helping field due to personal reasons. An abused child can grow up to have an interest in working for Child Protective Services. The adult knows first-hand what child abuse is like so they become a social worker, counselor, or investigator. They feel their personal childhood experiences can be an asset in knowing how to better assist abused children.
At the end of the day the helping field is a pretty wonderful life. This is a field that is needed in every town, county and state of our country. If you think about it, everyone needs something sooner or later, and they