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By: Nick McWilliams Final FYS Presentation 12/5/12

We have come up with several ways of succeeding and going above and beyond the, “normality” of what the average college student should put into his/her work. Entering College can be stressful. Especially if we are not well prepared as individuals. We have come up with several solutions in order to achieve going above and beyond in the classroom. Being able to push ourselves as students is key. Here are some different methods that will help us to achieve the goals that we have as we journey onwards in each of our schooling.
Life balance. We all need it and it’s something that is constantly changing due to certain instances that may or may not take place in each of our lives. It is very important especially as college freshman, to keep a healthy balance in our work, school and having a social life. Many of us choose to keep the comfortable things as our first priorities but a lot of times we don’t weigh out the negative outcomes by putting our comfortable’ first. In college, your first priority should be your schooling. You are in college, because you want to achieve something much greater than the, “average person”. But how do we achieve this great feeling of being a successful, above average person? By putting what really matters first, and following a weekly routine with our school work as our number one priority.
Educational planning is another key aspect of succeeding in the college classroom. Our education and how we make it a first priority, falls under how well we organize and govern our life in general. Without equilibrium in our life, we become more susceptible to having a disorganized educational plan. Our education is the very thing that makes us who we are, what we know and how we apply ourselves as individuals. Being a successful human being involves having a planned education. How do we plan this though? Ever heard of the expression, “you live and you learn”. Many of us, myself included are procrastinators. This is nothing but a mere bad habit that we acquire over time due to the lack of organization in planning around our education, keeping our studies as our number one priority. There are several ways in planning our education that best fits each of our needs. Studying for an example is a given. But choosing how and when we study, could affect how much we learn altogether. There aren’t many people who would prefer to chip away at the paper that is due on Monday, rather than going out on a Friday to have a few brews with the guys. That’s why it is important to take at least 30 minutes out of each day to assure that by the end of the week, your paper is pristine and ready to be turned in on time.
We can explore career paths and get an idea of what it is that we want to do for an occupation as soon as we enter into college. A lot of students