Why so sad? Essay

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Our blue mini-van slowly reached its destination. The door quickly slid open and two creatures fell out presenting their lewd appearances. They seemed tired, no that wasn't it, it was more like the word enthusiasm didn't exist in their vocabulary, or half of their brain is missing and they only have the ability to sluggishly move their bodies, moan and slur their words.

“Bye mom, thanks for the ride.” They managed to groan.

“Yeah, love you too.” Mom answered sarcastically.

Both unamused and unresponsive, with their deafening music and expired fashion sense, these tyro's took the liberty of leaving the vihcle first. Him, pulling his legs as if they were a ton of bricks. Her, trailing off into the distance, huddling with species similar to hers, with their mixed make up and false nails.

While making my way out of the van I kissed my mom on the cheek then hopped down onto the sidewalk.

“Mom, why do they act so miserable when we arrive at school in the morning?” I questioned.

Mom shifted her body so it was facing mine, “those two, and many other students always seem to get the impression that school is an insignificant, miserable place where teachers entertain themselves by torchuring their students.”

Mom laughed and we both smiled then she turned her body so it was facing the stirring wheel. While closing the van door we both said goodbye, then mom drove up and over the hill.

Mom knows how much I enjoy school, that’s why I don’t understand why many