Why Soccer Is Better Than Volleyball

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You are sitting in the audience of the Southern California Volleyball Association championships and the score is 26-25. The team you’re rooting for is in the lead but they must win by at least two points. The crowd is on the edge of their seats waiting for the referee to blow his whistle for number twenty three to serve. PHEW goes the whistle, and the ball is up! The other team hits it straight towards the middle back’s face. It deflects off her nose but the ball is still good! Your team returns the ball with an aggressive hit towards the back line. As it’s racing through the air you’re wondering if it will be in. The opposing side calls it out but the line judge calls it in! Your team wins the championship and the crowd goes wild! Later that day you get a text from your friend saying that she heard about the great volleyball game and wishes she had gotten to watch the suspenseful matches versus the boring championship soccer game. Volleyball is a much more fun sport to watch than soccer is. There are many reasons why your friend was bored at the soccer game and you were having fun at the volleyball game but let’s focus …show more content…
Volleyball is played on a smaller court so there is more opportunity to score. Since soccer is played on a much larger field, it takes much more time to score a goal. In volleyball, the ball also moves much faster. For example, the average speed of the ball at the Olympics is seventy to eighty miles per hour, whereas in soccer, the record speed for a kicked ball was about sixty-seven miles per hour. Many soccer players argue, however, that there is much more going on in a game than volleyball. While there is a lot going on in the games, volleyball is full of constant movement. There is almost never a time that volleyball players are standing still. This creates the effect of more energy on the court and for most people, that is more enjoyable to