Why Study History

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Laura Sylvester
DRE 098
11-11-13 Why is it Important to Study History? History should be studied for several reasons. First history helps us to understand American cultures. With this knowledge of history you can be able to analyze American cultures. Another reason to study history is because it helps us to understand change. Change comes everyday and without history one does not have anything to prepare them for it. Lastly it is good to study for good citizenship. History is the study of the past and how it relates to humans. Since looking into the past one would have knowledge for how humans react to the events, situations or circumstances someone could learn how to avoid or adapt to these different scenarios. History is important because it allows us to prepare for the future. Someone said that history always repeats itself and if so we can learn to change the future for the better. It is because of history that technology for example has improves so because we build on the foundations of historic facts. Understanding culture can be difficult unless you look back on history. To figure out another culture the best idea is to look at the areas of history. Knowledge of history is very important to recognizing a person’s own culture, which is fundamental for good citizenship. By studying parts of your country’s history, such as government, you would become familiar with nationals, state and local law. It is said that history repeats itself