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The Extraordinary Life of Winston Churchill Sir, Winston Churchill was known as a man of great prestige who was involved in many important events in England. He served in six British Monarchs. Throughout his life he was a statesman, soldier, author, journalist, and twice prime minister. Winston Churchill was an inspiring Englishman, determined, and head strong. He wanted to make his way in life without using political connections. However, he wanted money and to follow in his father’s footsteps. Churchill was considered a unifying figure because his leadership of an embattled England (Rothstein 5). He was also known for his courage and bravery. He was the only politician of his stature to serve in the trenches (Keegan 17). Winston Churchill was born on November 30, 1874. He was the son of an American mother, Jennie Gerome, and a prominent polinmentarian (Keegan 2) Father, Lord Randolph Churchill. He was born and raised at Blenheim Palace. The Churchill family extended from an English Duke of Marlborough, his grandfather. As a child Churchill loved to play with toy soldiers. School bored young Winston; he was a poor student (Time Magazine 1). He went to school at Harrow and Sandust. He learned about the history of the nation which inspired him. However, Churchill was not a success in school. After many attempts he finally got accepted into the Royal Military Collage and became a soldier. Ready 2
When Churchill finished school he began his military career. He fought in many battles with bravery and courage. He chose this life because of his many failed attempts during his education and he thought of this as a last resort. He began his political career in 1900 as a MP, or Member of Parliament. In 1911 through 1915 he served as first Lord of Admiralty. He held many government positions over the next three decades (SIRS Discoverer 2) including twice prime minister. During his life as a soldier, Churchill discovered he had a talent for writing. He realized his last resort interest in the military helped spark and initiate his new adventure that would last throughout his life time. However, writing did not come so easily. He spent many hot days studying and imitating several English classics. During 1898 his first books were about military history. He wrote many auto-biographies and war experiences. His writings not only inspired, but gave wisdom and courage to many. By his 25th year he had made himself not only one of the most successful war correspondents of his age but also a bestselling author (Keegan 3).
In 1908 Winston Churchill found love and married Clementine Ogilvy Hogier. His wife gave him the strength he needed to bounce back from many downfalls. She was a strong and independent woman whom never gave up on him. Later they had five children, a boy, named Randolph, and four daughters. However, one daughter died as a small infant. His kids always gave him such pleasure and joy. Churchill found himself in a political castrophe by the end of 1933. He lost an election to Chartwell and then many saw him as a failure that could not be trusted. Although during his

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Even as he brooded on the back benches, however, Churchill was indentifying a new cause (Keegan 4). He produced 11 volumes of history and more than 400 articles for newspapers. He completed some of his most valuable and famous literary works during this time. During Winston Churchill’s time in exile, he persistently warned Britain of the threat of war with Germany. By 1939 Britain declared war on Germany. By this time Churchill regained his stature and went back into his political career as first Lord of The