Various Ways That DIAD Used To Improve Customer Service

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1. Few of the various ways that DIAD used to improve customer service are :
Cellular Carriers: By increasing the number of cellular towers, when the DIAD identifies a poor signal it immediately shifts to the consequent strongest signal. With this improvisation, the customers will always be able to track the parcel with less response time.
The tracking system is highly efficient it accounts for a highly reliable system.
Navigation: The data tracking supports driver training and future applications with quality based real time tracking.
Color Camera: With the new resolution of the color screen, the drivers were able to effectively input the data as they are color sensible which makes it feasible to read and reduce the data entry errors.
The IT system which it established a long while back, has the central repository contains maintains all the data which reflects in immediate response and item re-check.
3. The wireless communications plays a crucial role in the UPS systems in maintaining the records of all the items shipped all over the world. They are using this wireless communication across the globe to communicate effectively without any customer issues. Some of the technologies what they use are:
GPRS and CDMA: They use either GPRS or CDMA to help locate a driver in sending him speedy messages if in case a packet needs to be delivered at highest priority.
Bluetooth: This Bluetooth technology is more reliable as it does not need any signal tower to reach the signals. It works effectively with device to device.
GPS: The GPS tracking is used to track the item at any time ever since the packet is left for dispatch.
Wi-Fi Support: The Wife spreads a wide range of signals which helps the customers in maintaining a contact regarding the packet information.
4. UPS uses a device which has almost the similar features what our day to day smart phones consists of. But on a briefer note it has a more robust technology. The full advantage of newer consumer technologies with new versions touch screens, high resolution cameras, speedy procedures all