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In the daily lives of Americans, how do people accomplish daily tasks? In a simple way, Americans use the technology available to get the tasks done. Many of the common technology uses of today are taken for granted. Imagine what the world would be like if cell phones or computers didn’t exist. American people are very dependent on the technology of today. What is technology doing to the American’s of today? Technology is a key that opens many doors. The window of opportunity is so large and the possibilities of growth and greater knowledge are endless. The invention of computers and cell phones have made lives of the American people easier, the ability to communicate has become faster, and society has become more advanced. Cell phones and computers have now become a daily part of American’s lives. Think about it; are youth of today able to function one day without coming in contact with an electronic device? Children years ago would often look up words to find out what they mean where now children would just have to press a button on a smartphone and ask any questions and it would reply within a matter of seconds. Traveling has also become a lot easier because before people had to use maps to get around, then there was the GPS, and now most people have a GPS app on their cell phones. The wireless technology has saved lives because wireless means that a person on the go could get any information they wanted in a matter of seconds. Wireless cell phones have become the present. The cell phone is probably the most widely used form of communication on the market. It is so common that younger and younger people are getting their hands on the most popular electronics. Computers are also helping Americans’ lives become easier because they offer many means of blowing off steam after work. Many of the shows an American citizen would miss during work can be watched on Netflix or YouTube. Dinner time can be a hassle repeating recipes weekly and sometimes mothers would have to ask family or friends or go to the store and buy a cook book. Today, that mother would just be a few keystrokes away from that recipe. Google is a few seconds away and offers an endless pool of valuable information. Another way computers save the day is during summertime many families turn to their computer to book vacations and research about places or read reviews. A few decades ago it was not so easy to get ahold of a friend or family member that lives far away. It would take days, sometimes months, to send and receive letters. In today’s perspective it would take a matter of seconds to send or reply to a message on Facebook or an email. Many family and friends can connect through social media apps on smart phones such as Facebook or Twitter. Applications have opened the gate of information. Information is constantly moving back and forth, whether it is simple text or high definition photos and videos. Cell phones are helping Americans communicate with each other much more easily because there are many ways to communicate such as texting, calling, emailing, or social media. The youth of today are getting cell phones at younger and younger ages because it has become a social norm. Young people are always connected, whether it is on a computer, cell phone, or tablet.
As social media has also become a norm, the American youth are more and more connected with each other. It becomes very easy to find out what a friend or family member is doing by opening a new tab and following them on twitter or checking out the person’s latest status updates. Even the government is getting involved in the latest trends such as using computers or cell phones. For example, President Obama used twitter to answer questions during debates. Communication among countries has also increased incredibly because of computers-enabled web chatting, emailing, and document sharing or file sharing with the slightest of ease. File sharing and patient information also is important in