Women in Renaissance Essay

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Joe Cardoza
2nd Hour Boatman
Did women have a Renaissance?
Key Sentences:
Countless of Champagne ruled that love can exert no power between husband and wife; this leading to heterosexual relationships outside marriage.
The humanistic education of the Renaissance noblewomen help explain why she can’t compare with her medieval predecessors in shaping a culture responsive to her own interests.
Courtly love, which flourished outside the institution of patriarchal marriage, owed its possibility as well as its model to the dominant political institution of Feudal Europe that permitted actual vassal homage to be paid to women.
Yet precisely these developments affected women adversely, so much, so that there was no “Renaissance” for women, at least not during the renaissance.
Giovanna the second became queen of Napals, she could not rule not because of her abilities alone, but the principle of legitimacy continued of force along with the Feudal tradition of inheritance of women.
Throughout history women’s historic involvement often differs in a big way to the role of men. When reading this you can see a certain pattern of women’s rights being changed by what politics said. Women received FAR less rights then men and often weren’t even a thought. In this period Chastity best fit the needs of the expanding the bourgeoisie.
Response Paragraph:
I believe that Joan Kelly-Gadol was trying to say that the conditions of the renaissance toward women didn’t improve. Her opinion didn’t really make sense, but you can see where she was going with it. Women did have a