Pay Equality Research Paper

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Shayla Felder
Professor Del Gizzo
Journalistic Overview
20 March 2013

Pay Equality in the Workforce between men and women

Discrimination of genders in the workforce has been playing a significant role in many individual’s lives. Pay differences between genders has been around for many years and there has been many historical events that have taken place to change this throughout the world.

Pay equality has shaped the perspectives of both males and females and how in today’s century things have changed and equal pay is indeed in work and individuals are not being faced with the same discrimination at work. From the beginning of time, women have always been viewed as the weaker sex. Women have started to fight for their rights and have started to claim what is rightfully theirs; fair and equal pay.

There are many different points of view when it comes to the topic of women’s pay equity. Some believe that nothing is going wrong and that both males and females are treated equally. Secondly, there is the view that women are being severely oppressed and that males are trying to keep them that way so that they can control the world. Lastly, there is the view that most people have; they understand that there is a problem but it is not as horrible as others may make it seem. For the most part, men do not believe in women’s rights and in order to stay powerful, they wish to continue the suppression of women’s rights. Men control the law and therefore are oppressing women.
There is also a great gender bias that has been put forth for centuries; that men are more physically and mentally capable than women.
There are many biases in the world of law, however it must be overcome; surely at some work places there will be biases