Essay on Women of World War Two

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Women During WW II Women played a very vital role during the World War 2. The 1940’s were built of a decade made of tension and transitions are the only words that sum it all up. While ten million men were at war, and the rest were at work. Women had to take men’s place in the work force. The need for women to work outside of the home was in higher demand. The world realized that the only way to win the war was to hire women to meet the war commands. So women were hired to meet these commands and they met the commands very well. They not only gave women the jobs because they needed to meet the commands of the war production but because tat wanted to try and recruit them in the workforce. After the war they gained rights such as the right to not be home in the kitchen all the time. When men out to the war the women were asked to take charge of things such as putting out fires an taking care of the kids an cooking an cleaning an working at the factories, an building fighter planes an working in the shipyard because most of the men went to go fight in the war. And there were not enough men to fulfill the needs of the war. Some of the rights that women gained during World War 2 were being able to join the military and the right to work outside of the home. I agree with that fact that women
Should not be allowed in the war because they need to be able to produce our offspring but at the same time I personally think that women should be able to do whatever they want to do in