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Beauty: A Woman's View

What is beauty? Beauty is something that can mean completely different things to different people. To find the difference in views, I interviewed six woman of various ages ranging from ages ten to sixty. These woman include Tara Finley, age 41; Rachel Rebelo, age 22; Kimberly Merwede, age 32; Michelle Gleason, age 43; Aunna Gleason, age 10; and Cynthia Gleason, age 60. I asked each woman to define beauty. Many of the woman that I interviewed had very similar views. Many of them believed that beauty is not necessarily skin deep or defined by one's physical attributes, but rather from how kind or caring one is. When Aunna was asked to define beauty, she said that kindness was beauty. When Michelle was asked the same question she said, “Beauty, all though a lot of people seem to think so, is not skin deep; beauty is the good willed nature of people.” Kimberly said, “Beauty is not what is on the outside, but, also, what is on the inside. It is the whole package.” While beauty may either be physical attribute or how loving or caring someone is, what makes a person truly beautiful is having the “whole package.” Next, I asked why did they feel this way. Once again each woman had similar views. Tara believed that being attractive does not necessarily make a person beautiful. Cynthia said, “because beauty isn't just how a person looks, they could be physically beautiful and not a caring or loving person.” The next was I asked was if anyone influenced their views on beauty, and if so, who did. Mostly all of the interviewees believed that no one influences their beliefs. Michelle said that no one influences her beliefs, but “society tries to warp what is right trying to tell you that outward looks are attractive.” Next I asked what…