World Conflict Essay

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Cameron Culp
January 21, 2015
World Conflicts

The world is a mysterious place in that people act out for reasons that are

unknown. Most of these actions are violent ones that cause major harm to other people or the environment or even animals. Some of the most negatively affecting conflicts on the world are: environmental destruction, poverty, gang violence, and most devastating of all is war .

War is the conflict that won our independence from Europe in the Revolutionary

war in 1775. And the First World War that showed the world that the United States of
America is a nation not to be trifled with and established us as a national super power among the other super powers. Every day I am thankful for the men who fought to prove us, The United States of America, a force to reckoned with in both of the World Wars.
Most people think of war as a useless waste of lives and money, but I see it as a status symbol. Do we have a nationwide military draft? NO! Do we have a shortage of supplies and weapons? NO! The United States is a nation of great honor and pride and most
Americans would be honored to serve in the military to help keep our wonderful nation the free country it is. The previous statement proves that most Americans would give their lives for our country, not because the government made them or an authority figure made them, but because they are proud to be an American and would give their lives to

reassure the rest of our