World Wide Web and Target Audience Essay

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Samsungs website analysis

Samsungs website overview
The Samsung store has many good products that it offers it has a very good range of products such as televisions to music players. The products are quite decent quality but are they considerably cheap for the quality you receive compare apples products the prices are a bit more worth while because you pay more the product in Samsung than the brand. I believe Samsungs target audience is adults because when you buy a Samsung products you aren’t paying for logo just a good quality product that won’t break in the first five minutes.
When you analysis the website the use of colours is very effective the web designer make the website, very simple and appealing which appears to the target audience (adults) I think that it appeals to them because the adults don’t want it to be to fancy they just want the product they desire.
Samsungs website has a couple of hyperlinks and web links to other parts of the site which allows you to access the products that you want and are searching for, the links and search bars help u find what product you want.
The detail of the products that they sell on there website, are described decently and images that they present are good quality. They describe the product relatively decently and give information you want. The information they give about the product only really focus on some points but tec freaks may want a bit more information.
The effectiveness of the website is good and quite